Supporting Law Enforcement

Suicide among law enforcement is said to be the leading cause of death for that profession.*  Blue HELP is an organization created with the primary purpose to “Help ensure that no law enforcement officer sees suicide as a solution.”

To honor the memory of those officers who have been lost to suicide, Blue HELP records the dates an officer dies and, if available, memorializes them with personal information provided by the family. According to Blue HELP, verified suicides for 2016 are 139; 2017, 159; and 2018, 125 as of Oct 18.

Each agency that hosts EMLE classes receives a donation to support their mental wellness programs that assist their officers and civilian personnel. If no program is in place, Blue HELP can assist the agency set up a program at a minimal cost.

EMLE is dedicated to our law enforcement personnel and gives over 80 percent of all profits to programs which support both officers and civilian personnel with mental wellness. We believe any donation to support those who need specialized services and confidential treatment is a step in the right direction.

When no program is in place at a law enforcement agency, Blue HELP can assist with training and building a program that will meet the needs for individual agencies.

For each class presented, EMLE makes a donation to Blue HELP to help fund their programs that train and assist law enforcement agencies requesting assistance with mental wellness programs.

For more information about Blue HELP and their programs, visit