Both Classes Taken Together (16 hours) | Discount Price $325
Basic Evidence Management
1 Day (8 am - 5 pm), $175

Designed to provide resources and tools for the Evidence Technician working in the agency’s Evidence Room

Helps Evidence Technicians be efficient and knowledgeable about everyday tasks involved in receiving, storage, maintenance and disposal of items being held by the Evidence Room

Tasks and responsibilities covered in this class:
  • Purpose of evidence in court
  • Creating a Packaging Manual for submission of items into the Evidence Room
  • Included: Book and CD containing a template
  • Learning about the handling, storage and disposal of
    • General evidence
    • Firearms
    • Illicit Drugs and Prescription Medications
    • Money
  • Evidence dispositions and review systems
  • And much more!
Evidence Management for Supervisors
1 Day (8 am - 5 pm), $175

Designed for Evidence Unit Supervisors or those wanting to promote to a leadership position within the Evidence Unit

Targets some of the responsibilities and tasks involved when supervising evidence management

Tasks and responsibilities covered in this class:
  • Organizing Property and Evidence
  • Creating an Evidence Room Procedures Manual
  • Included: Book and Thumb-Drive containing a template
  • Leadership
  • Supervisor Inspections & Investigations
  • Handling Critical Events